Saturday, March 7, 2015

Discussion Forum for Assignment 4: Integrating Blogs into EFLT

Dear Access instructors, 

To get actively involved: 

a. the Discussion Moderator will start  a Conversation thread (discussion) related to Integration of Blogs into EFLT 
by Wednesday.

b. the Conversation wrapper will end up  the Conversation thread by Sunday, by making general conclusion of the colleagues' shared opinions as answers to the Moderator's prompt. 

c. each  participant will offer feedback to 3 comments of  their 3 different colleagues ( 1 comment for 1 colleague) by Saturday.   

Enjoy Chatting !!!

Conversation Moderator

Natalia Constantinov, Access teacher, Access-Grigoriopol 

Conversation Wrapper: 

Olga Taran, Access teacher assistant, Access- Grigoriopol


  1. Conversation Moderator: Natalia ConstantinovMarch 20, 2015 at 12:29 PM

    Dear Access colleagues,
    In Assignment 4 we have found how efficient and important the blog could be in teaching English. This way, an EFL blog can improve students’ writing skills and build their confidence as writers, since they can take ownership of their writing, become better observers of others’ writing, and develop a more immediate and powerful understanding of audience. Guided by clear
    expectations of what is required in a class blog, students can see their writing develop over the course of the term.
    However, it still reveals a set of challenges that we, EFL teachers, might face. In the space provided for Forum Comments, please enumerate at least 1 challenge that you could meet while working with blogs in Access classrooms, and provide some hints to overcome these issues from your personal teaching experience. You may also consult your online mentor to offer you some advice.
    Looking forward to see your comments ;)

    1. Natalia thank you for launching this discussion.
      Usually blog is seen as a very good tool to express yourself with the minimum costs and the possibility to gain a great audience.
      There is another part of people that perceive it as a danger because of time their children / relatives spend on or even worst, because there is no possibility to check and control the persons on the other side of screen.
      That is why one of the issues would be the fact that our community is not familiar with the concept of "blog", and students are still reluctant to use it as an educational tool.
      I consider that a teacher should start "presenting" a blog as a platform for educational purpose before integrating it as a part of learning process.


    2. Oh,Daria, I absolutely agree with you interms of the point that community as well as some representatives of teaching society are not ready yet to integrate new (maybe not new for some others) methods into the process of learning,and it definetely makes the work slower and demands on us more effort and tolerance in what deals with explaining and introducing it step-by-step. But finally, I am sure it will work and show its positive results.

  2. Conversation Wrapper: Olga TaranMarch 21, 2015 at 10:58 AM

    Integrating blogs is a modern way in teaching English. This online tool has a lot of advantages that will be to the benefit of both the teacher as well as students.First,blog creation process develop creativity and is a good motivation to achieve something special and better. An EFL blog can improve ability reading,writing and learning. Through this blog students and teachers can interact, there is exchange of ideas and discussing them.
    Integrating blogs is an effective means of communication,materials posted by the teacher will be within the reach of students, both teachers as well as students can publish their thoughts freely, students can actively participate in the construction of knowledge. Publishing online work allows students to bring contributions for class and encourages quality of their work,promotes team learning . Last but not least, the knowledge, discoveries, reflections and feedback which circulates on blog encourages research idea. For teachers is a good help in checking students' ability. Most of blogs have a program that detects the spelling mistakes it may reduce the misspelling and make easier to follow students’ grammatical errors.

    1. Olga, absolutely agree with you on the issue of usefullness and benefit for both teachers and students, when integrating blogs. Except of all those learning issues, like grammar, spelling, writing,vocabulary and so on, it develops so much creativity of students and raises their higher -order thinking abilities. It also helps --sometimes even subconsciously -- find immediate applicability of their new-found skills and knowledge. That is very important, becasue otherwise all the knowledge seem to be stagnant. But here, working in Blogs-- there are so many possibility to be interested, involved through video, audio, colors, communication and achievements.!!!

    2. Olga you have mentioned an important idea that I, as a teacher, could use with my Access students: the possibility to post the product of their work.
      Nowadays it is difficult to explain the importance of learning a foreign language and motivate school students to develop a sense of responsibility for their continuous self-education.
      Integrating blog into the process of learning may show them value of knowing English.

  3. Dear Natalia, what an interesting topic indeed !!! As we are now in the 21st century and our students are those who create and build this millenium, we, the teachers, are automatically involved into the process of their development and our personal as well.
    And the very notion of "Blog" and using it as a tool and method in teaching a foreign language, as well as in other subjects, is so vital and important and interesting as well. However, we know and see that obstacles are inevitable. let's call them Challenges.
    Refrerring to our Access students it becomes even more important, as we know, that some of them do not have permanent access to i-net or have no possibility to be as much time as it needed for working in teacher's blog fulfilling the assignments. Thus, we have to incorporate both traditional and modern techniques together, so as to give the possibility to each and everyone be involved into the entire process of teachign-studing blogging process.

    1. Emma, I meet the same challenges; my Access students often have difficulties to work with computer or online because they don't have a PC or the Internet connection is not good. That is why I have to keep a B plan each time a have an activity that engages working with online tools.
      However, I've learned that some of my learners can easily make use of the applications on their phones and post comments or recorder their thought using their tablets.

    2. Daria, this is a great idea using students' phones instead of a computer.