Sunday, November 20, 2016

Teacher's Application to Join Access Program Moldova

Teacher Assistant's Application to Join Access Program Moldova


Student's Application to Join Access Program Moldova



Student's Application to Join Access Program Moldova



Thursday, February 4, 2016

"Tea at the Ambassador's" Contest

Dear Access students, 

To take part in the  "Tea at the Ambassador's" event , you will need to take part in the best students selection competition. 

The selection of the 3 best  students  from each site will be based on the following selection stages:  

1.  participate in the Video Essay Contest on “How may the experience of visiting the US Ambassador influence me?’, created on  Powtoon:

      The link of your video essay should be submitted by you as a comment to this blog page, mentioning your name, and the Access site you study in.  
                     Deadline for submitting video essays: March 1, 2016

2. have an excellent class  attendance at the ACCESS classes from the very beginning of the program;

 3. have an excellent performance progress along the ACCESS courses.
  We wish you success in creating your video essays!


                                                                     Access-Anenii Noi:
Leontean Catalina
Parsov Ana
Lungu Estera

Serghei Tina
Gisca Madalina
Rotaru Loredana

Dorogan Eva
Coropcean Olga
Bostan Alina

Savatin Artiom
Posmac Anastasia
Ialama Alina

Girbea Elena
Condurachi Veronica
Panco Alexandru

Spacova Renata
Arabadji Igor
Nichipurenco Angelina


Friday, January 22, 2016

“Ensuring Quality Formal and Non-formal Education through the Access Program” Teacher Training

The end of the year is the best time to reflect upon the achievements you have had, to evaluate your 
work and, most importantly, to make an action plan for the following year. That is why at the end of each year, we gather all the Access instructors together to a teacher training during which they can share from their experience. On December 12, 2015, the current Access instructors and their assistants participated in the "Ensuring Quality Formal and Non-formal Education through the Access 

This event was a perfect opportunity for the teachers from Edinet, Ribnita, Hincesti, Grigoriopol and Causeni who are about to finish the program, to pass their best practices, and share their proficiency with the new generation of teachers from Taraclia, Vulcanesti, Anenii Noi and Soroca.

   The "Ensuring Quality Formal and Non-formal Education through the Access Program" Teacher Training was officially opened by the American Councils Moldova Country Director, David Jesse, who stressed upon the importance to develop and maintain an innovative character of the Access Program non-formal education model  and outlined the new perspectives of the Moldovan quality-based education development.   
    The coordinator of the program, Olga Morozan, introduced the new members into the philosophy and methodology of the Access Program and made a presentation on integrating Content-based Instruction through Co-Teaching

Moreover, Corina Ceban, the Access teacher from Balti, who has been involved in the program since it was open in Moldova for the first time (2010), imparted her impressions about the wonderful instruction and educational exchange month she spent last summer in the USA, being selected to  participate in the SUSI Program.

In addition to that, the teacher from Edinet, Emma Matreniuc, who had attended the previous summer (July, 2015) the  Access International Conference in Sibiu, outlined the key elements of the  practical approaches to Integrate Core-subjects into EFL Classes through Content-based Instruction, presenting the thematic unit "Holidays Marathon" - a common methodological outcome of the international collaboration of 10 Access fellows from Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Moldova.

 The practical value was b enriched by  active discussions 6  most experienced  Access teachers and teacher assistants  initiated  within 4 Access Literacy Centers to offer experiential solutions of the issues related to:
 (1) Dealing with Teaching Multilevel and  Mixed-ability Access  Classes (monitored by: Daria Prozorovschi, our Access- Hincesti teacher)

(2) Ensuring Authentic Assessment and Evaluation in the Access Instruction (monitored by Corina Ceban, Access Balti teacher);
(3) Maintaining Access Students' Motivation & Program Retention (monitored by Emma Matreniuc, Access Edinet teacher), and 
(4) the Access Teacher Assistant's Work (monitored by Doina Morari, Access program assistant, Iulia Sorocan, Access-Edinet teacher assistant, and Olga Taran, Access-Grigoriopol teacher assistant).
   It  was also a perfect occasion for the teaching assistants to talk about their most successful community projects, to reflect upon the obstacles they have had to overcome, the stages they have gone through and to talk about the impact these projects have had on their students and on their communities. In addition to that, a few tips for working with Movies in the Classroom, as well as some exciting games and activities have been shared with them by the Access Program assistant, Doina Morari.

   Furthermore, special guests joined the event. APAO Kate Bartlett from the U.S. Embassy Chisinau didn't miss the chance to meet all the people who put so much effort to make the English Access Microscholarship Program Moldova successful in their regions, to thank them for their hard work, to welcome the new members, and to encourage them at the launch of a new exciting experience.

  A delightful addition to this intensive and productive day was the traditional Secret Santa, an activity that allows the teachers and teaching assistants to get closer to each other and to bring the Christmas spirit around.

   All and all, the teacher training was very productive, intensive, and a lot of fun, given that the members of the Access Program Moldova are always happy to see each other and spend time together.
Below are the presentations about the final projects made by the Access teacher assistants from Causeni, Edinet, Hincesti, Grigoriopol and Ribnita:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Access-Bender Alumni: "A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body from Childhood"

      1. General Information:

1.1. Access site: Bender

1.2. Project title:  "A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body from Childhood"

1.3.Project Coordinator: Perju Diana, Access Bender Alumna


2.1. Project Duration: November, 1- December, 19

      2.2.General project description :

Participation in sports is extremely important, and should be encouraged much more. Children and young people in particular need to go in for sport so that they could develop good habits that they could continue into adulthood. The main benefits of sport are improved health and fitness, and the development of social and communication skills. So, this is why we agreed to give the opportunity to practice sport to the children from the kindergarten near our school. 

2.3 Project justification (what the problem(s) the project will address):  

To encourage practicing sport from a very young age, because sports also allow people to develop personally. Social and communication skills can be learned and developed practicing sport. Teamwork, for example, is naturally learned by participating in team sports and games. Our Access students would like to promote the statement “A healthy mind in a healthy body from childhood” and help the children to develop themselves and turn their energy into something beneficial for them.

   2.4. Project main goal(s):
    1. To promote the importance of sport.
    2. To help the children to develop themselves by providing the sport equipment.

   2.5. Project objectives: (the actions the goal(s) will be achieved through)
  1. To explain to the children the importance of sport.
  2. To prepare greetings for children.
  3. To play some games altogether.
  4. To inspire them to become great persons.
 5. To learn to appreciate the result of their activities by giving free hugs and free kisses.

2.6. Project key personnel:
1. Perju Diana
2.Ghincul Claudia
3.Dabas Muna
4.Haritonov Ana
5.Tatar Daniel
6.Schiopu Olga
7 Tucicov Dmitri
8 Ivanov Anna
9 Cara Victoria
10 Anton Oxana

 2.7. Project partners (national or international):
1. Lyceum “Alexandru cel Bun”
2. School 18
3. Kindergarten №42
4. City Hall

5 Sport school from Bender

To visualize the project proposal, click on the document from below: 

Access-Balti Alumni: "A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body"

1.     General Information:

1.1. Access site: BALTI

1.2. Project title: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

1.3.Project Coordinator (name/surname, phone number, email): Dumbravanu Daniel


        2.1. Project Duration: the 1st of December, 2015- the 25th of December, 2015         

2.2.General project description: In winter people have little time for outdoor activities or games. We think that to be healthy is in fashion now and the idea of the project comes from the young pupils who are eager to practice sport and have sport competition all year round. Both boys and girls need, besides school and homework, an active way of life.

2.3.Project justificationSometimes pupils have little time to practice sport or even have no desire. This is the problem that a lot of teachers and parents see. Computers are the best pupils’ toys. We would like our young pupils to change their computers on balls and ropes. To make it more interactive we intend to have sport competitions.

        2.4. Project main goal:
                      1. To promote the active and healthy life style.
2.5. Project objectives:
  1. To involve teachers and pupils in sport activities/competition.
  2. To make pupils understand the importance of sport in their life.
  3. To organize sport competitions at the school level.
  4. To make parents pay attention to their children’s interests and hobbies.

2.6. Project key personnel:
1. Dumbravanu Daniel, pupil, football national champion
2. Neamtu Andrei, pupil
3. Burlacu Verginia, pupil
4. Cabac Ion, pupil, ACCESS alumnus
5. Tonjoc Valentina, teacher of PE, V.Alecsandri lyceum

 2.7. Project partners:
1. V.Alecsandri lyceum
2. Secondary school from Alexandropollis, Greece
3. Peace Corps Volunteers, Balti
4. Municipal Sport community
5. American Corner, Balti

To visualize the project proposal, click on the document from below: 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Access Ungheni: "Christmas Time is Sharing Time"

  1. General Information:
        1.1. Access site: Ungheni

1.2. Project title: “Christmas time is sharing time.”

1.3.Project Coordinator: Maximciuc Valeria, Access teacher

    2.1. Project Duration:    the 23th of November - the 25th of December

     2.2.General project description (minimum 3 phrases):
This project aims to encourage, to support morally those less fortunate. Access students will pay a surprise visit to the children and teenagers with disabilities from the day center “Casa pentru toti”, Ungheni town and  will offer  them Christmas gifts. Children will be  also cheered up with Christmas carols, games and  fun activities. In this way everybody will learn a useful lesson of  sympathy and kindness.

 2.3.Project justification (what the problem(s) the project will address) (minimum 3 phrases): 
  Because children with disabilities are deprived of common rights like going to a school, playing      brisk games, making new friends enjoying natural  facilities, this project will bring hope and  confidence to those disabled. It will assure them that society is interested in their problems, is ready  to help, to show understanding and active participation.
   2.4. Project main goal(s): disseminate  Christmas spirit of charity show sympathy and friendliness

    2.5. Project objectives: The goal(s) will be achieved through:
  1.learning to share
  2.visiting children
  3.offering  them Christmas presents
  4.presenting them a short holiday program
 5.manifesting care and acceptation

2.6. Project key personnel:
1.Liliana Schiopu
2. Elena Girbea
3.Alexandru Panco
4.Anastasia Birdan
5.Ana Iacob
6.Ribac Diana

 2.7. Project partners (national or international):  
1.Lyceum ”Gheorge Asachi”, Ungheni
2.Lyceum “Vasile Alecsandri”, Ungheni
3.Lyceum “Ion Creanga”, Ungheni

4.Children from Day Center “Casa pentru toti”, Ungheni

To visualize the project proposal, click on the document from below: