Thursday, November 19, 2015

“Different but Equal”

Different But Equal

       1.   General Information:

1.1  Access site: Access Edinet
1.2  Project title: “Different but equal”
1.3 Project Coordinator: Iulia Sorocan


      2.1. Project Duration(weeks/months): 4 weeks  
             Start date: October, 19th                    End date: December, 6th
2       2.2 General project description:
  A complex of activities and training for Access students with a collaboration with ONG “Salve!”    and “Vivere”. Access students and volunteers form “Salve!” will have a training together about    people with disability and their inclusion in our society. After that, students will organize these  trainings in 5 schools from Edinet town.

  2.3  Project justification (what the problem(s) the project will address) (minimum 3 phrases): 
Nowadays people are very concerned with their problems, they don’t care about what is going on. People who have disabilities are the same as everybody, we are all equal, despite any ability or disability, color or race, gender or sex. We want to spread this idea through teenagers in our town, to tell them about inclusion of people with disability in the society.
    2.4. Project main goal(s):
    1. Raise people’s awareness about the importance of social inclusion.
    2. Spread the idea that we are all created equal not matter what.
   2.5. Project objectives: (the actions the goal(s) will be achieved through)
1.      Organize a seminar for Access students and volunteers from “Salve!” named “Different but equal.”
2.      Organize a seminar with Access students and people with disabilities from NGO “Vivere”
3.      Organize a training about peer education where volunteers from “Salve!” will teach Success students how to do be a good trainer and organize seminars.
4.      Access students will organize seminars in 5 schools from Edinet.
5.      Organize a flashmob to raise people’s awareness about the issue.
6.      Discuss about the result of the projects and make report.

 2.6. Project key personnel:
1. Teacher assistant
2. Teacher
3. Access students

 2.7. Project partners (national or international): (schools the project participants will be from, local public authorities, Youth Council, NGO, Cultural centers, etc.):
1. NGO “Vivere”
2. Lyceums and schools from Edinet
3. NGO “Salve!”

To visualize the whole project proposal, click on the document from below: 

                                               PROJECT OUTCOMES 

The project results have been disseminated in the Edinet community through 
"Curierul de Edinet" Newspaper: 

"We Are All Different " Training presentation:   

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  1. Dear Access students and project coordinators, your idea and intentions are wonderful and your project had a great impact on all the participants and beneficiaries. The problem of social inclusion is very actual and many people don’t understand its importance, thanks to the project your students were involved in individual and collaborative work to explore this real-world problem and I am sure they got aware themselves and managed to convince a lot of other people that disabled persons should be treated as equal.